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Zeal Culture imbibes the perfect set of movements that are pooled to increase fitness, fun and flexibility. We promote and synchronize team effort for effective cognitive health, discipline and physical strengths. You as a Zeal member will learn how to set physical goals and train for extreme fitness growth! Find Confidence, Skill and Focus boosting Diet and Health training advice for all ages. Are you ready to move? Say Zeal.

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Zealous Performance & Strength Training

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Zeal Physical Culture

  • Full Service Boutique Fitness Center.
  • Health & Growth Driven Trainers.
  • Zeal Touches Lives & Changes Lifestyle.
  • Groups For All Ages & Every Athletic Level.
  • Personal Conditioning For Trainers & Clients.

First Timer

Discover Zeal’s First Workout Routine

Zeal maintains high levels of physical strength training and supports the world recognized ‘Physical Culture Movement’. We engage an entire Bangalore based community that seeks a nutritious and fitness charged environment. Create a healthy lifestyle that lives on supreme kinetic, spiritualistic, cognitive and communal energies. Live vicariously with Exercise, Diet, Sports, and Mental Disciplinarians at Zeal.

Inside Zeal Premises

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You Hydrate
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Stretch Before You Leave

Hang in for a breath and work on stretching your muscles and flexes. Loosen up and confirm your time tomorrow. Relax! Your body needs to do that after rigorous 45 minutes of strenuous activity.

Zeal Workout

  • Are 360 degree full-body Movements.
  • Balanced Heart-Thumping sessions.
  • TRX Performance sculpts your muscles.
  • Kettle bells or Cast Iron fights Fat cells.
  • At the core we deliver High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT).

Is Zeal – Right for you?

Looking for Total Body workouts? Then yes, Zeal is your ultimate destination. Multiple training techniques that help you start, continue and maintain your fitness routine on an hourly basis. Commercially branded Gym equipment’s like Treadmills are placed scientifically for you in several spaced out training rooms.

Professionally trained and experienced trainers who can give you the extreme athletic command and help you achieve fitness goals periodically. Alternatively, Zeal is also the place for you, when you’re an absolute beginner and need a personal trainer in Bangalore. Countrywide Marathons or structured body workouts – we look after you through all your sweat and anchored positions. Jumpstart your exercise repeats with appropriate metabolism charts.From commonwealth swimmers, to Olympic-level runners – our trainers have mastered their fitness plans. They proactively help you feel trimmer and stronger at the end of every session. Contact us at Zeal today for Training tips.

Relieve yourself from a battered body by getting in touch with our team today. We give you the performance boost that champions need in their daily sports training. What to eat, How much to drink, when to stop working out are all discussed with our privileged clients on a weekly basis.
Carbohydrates, Proteins and Vitamins make you feel healthy and energetic throughout the day. Our diet consultants will take a 30 minutes session advising your balanced food intake during your second week at Zeal.

At Zeal

  • Our instructors want to see you sweat it out in form – fitting shorts or pants with T-shirts
  • Trainers won’t stop you from wearing high-tech Gym attire – We’re flexible that way
  • All fitness gadgets are welcome with trainer’s permission
  • Do not forget your bottle of H2O/water of course
  • We do not allow phones when you’re working out
  • We won’t stop you from wearing fitness bands
  • Under 18 Athletes need an accompanied adult parent/guardian.
  • Just launched Zeal’s very own workout kit(Clothes and Gear)! Grab yours today
All workouts are modified on clients’ convenience. Our instructors dedicatedly work on giving you the perfect blend of physical culture that includes sports oriented and fitness living. It’s unique.
We have separate locker rooms for both men and women equipped with showers, gels and first aid kits.

Need a Personal Trainer and Nutrition ?

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FREE Goodie bag worth 3000/-


Frequently asked by Zeal Clients
  • Annual, Half-yearly, Quarterly, Monthly and Day pass.
  • Different Fitness Plans are available. All plans can be segregated by their popularity, muscle-building techniques, Fat-loss transactions and duration.
    • with specifically trained instructors
    • Supporting the PINK initiatives.
  • Custom Plans too are available
  • Senior citizens have a special package too

At ZEAL, we are not just punctual, we reach before time. We believe discipline is delivering quality before time. That is part of our USP – we are always 5 minutes early. We do not entertain latecomers.
We do not admit anyone after the doors are closed for a particular HIIT session. It disturbs the entire flow of our physical culture training course. We expect you to appreciate time and energy of your fellow team members waiting for you. No calls would be entertained for reschedules last minute. In case, you are late; your fitness session would be cancelled or charged for your own personal safety. Inconvenience is regretted.

Sorry! We do not entertain outside trainers on our premises. It creates conflicts of interest.

Personal Trainers will discuss at length your daily exercise routines, your physical activities outside Zeal. And then consecutively, chart out a customized workout experience. It could be a full-body HIIT. Or even a 60-minute, intensive circuit shot. They can also advise stretching moves with adance mix. ZealCardio and strength training also happens at length once your body is capable of taking strenuous fixes.

ZEAL combines professional experience and expertise with your personal style. We thoroughly would ask you to give it a try once you reach our Bangalore branch. All physical exercises are recommended under a personal trainer’s guidance. Your personal trainer who carefully mixes your routine from time to time according to your fitness requirement – is completely your choice. A great workout – that’s what we promise at Zeal. And that’s what we deliver

– Team Zeal

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